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Member Spotlight: MPF Plating

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10 August 2017

MPF Plating Secure Historic Energy Refunds & Savings Via Working With Control Energy Costs…

MPF Plating's Managing Director, Mark Freeman, invited Liam Conway of Control Energy Costs (CEC) to meet with him to talk about their services a few months ago and now they’re reaping the benefits of working with the Made In The Midlands Patron.


MPF Plating are zinc plating specialists that moved to their current site in Steward Street, Birmingham, in 2003.  Since then, the company has significantly increased capacity and invested into new prroduction facilities.

As a result of the increased capacity their energy consumption and spend has more than doubled in the last few years and as such Mark has had to become much more aware of what actually makes up their costs and work with a specialist to support the procurement of this.

Control Energy Costs undertook an initial audit to analyse the historic and current invoices for electricity, gas and water and highlighted a number of immediate opportunities for refunds as well as immediate non-contract savings. The combined value of these represented 12% of MPF Plating’s annual spend!

MPF had also pre-signed a new electricity contract which was due to start in October, however when we picked this up we made Mark aware that we could significantly reduce the rates and terms and as such it would be worth staying with the current supplier on renegotiated terms. This reduced the costs versus the contract they would have entered by a further 10%.


Mark commented ‘I invited Liam to meet with us as I know he was already working with a significant number of MiTM members and also involved in the Surface Engineering Association which we are members of. The fact I know companies they currently work with gave me confidence they clearly know what they’re talking about!’

Liam added ‘ MPF are a typical owner managed business where Mark is wearing lots of hats and whilst he realises energy is a cost to them it probably wasn’t given the due time it deserved. Like most businesses Mark was working with a traditional energy broker who was only looking at supply contracts and not the non-commodity costs. The broker was also building in hefty commission for poor advice which meant Mark was paying even more than he needed to’

Control Energy Costs now work with over 70 MiTM members and with success stories like this hope to be given the opportunity to speak and work with even more!

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