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Seminar on Advanced Coatings for the Prevention of Surface Contamination

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10 September 2018

Seminar to be held at TWI

 The Seminar is organised by The Welding Institute technical groups and is open to all our industrial members ( ) and non-members and its aim is to explore the role of nanotechnology in the prevention of surface contamination in the Aerospace, Construction, Renewable Energy and Marine sectors. 

Surface contamination is a widespread industrial problem affecting every sector leading to efficiency losses as well as increased operation and maintenance costs. 
Common forms of surface contamination can be found in a variety of different environments and include ice accretion, bio-film formation, corrosion product deposition and inorganic soiling. The specific sources and causes of surface contamination depend on local conditions, while the impact of contamination is also highly dependent on site/location specific details. 
As the importance of surface contamination is more widely recognised, the development of assessment methods is growing.  This seminar is aimed at scientists and engineers, from both industrial and academic disciplines, with an interest in understanding, measuring and mitigating against surface contamination.  An international expert panel of speakers will give presentations on the challenges of surface contamination, its measurement and emerging coating technologies to reduce and minimise such contamination. 
The speakers will give examples of the challenges and opportunities in the aerospace, power generation and extreme environment construction sectors, with ice formation, in particular, providing a common theme.
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