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As a trade association, the SEA endeavours to be the voice that represents our members in areas surrounding legislation and government that affect our ability to produce and compete successfully in an increasingly competitive global market. We are very proud of the contribution that the UK treatment industries have made to current technology employed around the world and as an association, we work tirelessly to offer our members the very best advice and assistance in all aspects of their activities.

Dave Elliott - Surface Engineering Association
Surface Engineering Association

Environmental and Health & Safety issues dominate our industry as legislation continues to be passed down from the EU without any real consideration of its impact on day to day operations. The SEA has been instrumental in making sure that members are kept informed of these changes and are well represented in various forums to protect our members’ interests.

It is no secret that the world economy has been through turmoil in recent times and manufacturing generally has been affected particularly badly during this period. So, now more than ever, we need to stand together as an industry and act collectively to influence serious issues we face. At our recent House of Lords briefing luncheon meeting, we made some real progress regarding fuel charges, carbon footprint issues and climate change, which is just a flavour of what we can achieve as a group. We have an infrastructure that works; our office is manned by dedicated, helpful and knowledgeable staff who are committed to offering the very best assistance or pointing you in the right direction to get the advice you need.

Leading the way with new technologies and coatings

We travel the world to discover new information and technologies that ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of the world’s manufacturing powers, enabling our members to compete successfully in an increasingly competitive global market.
With research and development into new environmentally friendly coatings reducing the use of less hazardous plating methods, the SEA, together with our members, is currently at the forefront of the advancement of the surface engineering industry, and we are continually working to ensure that it stays that way.

Working hard to ensure our members’ interests are looked after

Since our foundation in 1887, we have been working hard to ensure that both our members and the surface engineering industry’s interests are looked after at all times. We represent all sectors of the surface engineering industry, from suppliers to coating applicators and heat treaters. With extensive knowledge and complete understanding of the industry as a whole, we are able to provide our members with the peace of mind that only membership of the UK’s leading trading association in the surface engineering sector brings.

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