SEA Achievements 2018

(In no particular order)

1. During 2018 the SEA had its first external audits to ISO9001 for its quality management systems, ISO14001 for its environmental management systems and OHSAS18001 for its occupational health & safety management systems. The Association passed with flying colours.

2. Lord Whitby was appointed President of the SEA. The Lord Whitby is a passionate supporter of UK Manufacturing and with the shift of regulatory affairs from Brussels to Westminster with the Brexit process, it’s vital that the voice of our members’ is heard at the highest levels. Lord Whitby will ensure that we are kept up to date with Government Policy.

3. Our UK Lobbying activities continued with further meetings held with DEFRA, BEIS, HSE and Environment Agency.

4. The SEA continues to take a lead role within the CETS organisation which has now become recognised by the European Commission as the lead European body for our sector. Meetings were held in Italy, hosted by the Italian Association Assogalvanica and a board meeting was held in Vienna. Our CEO is currently President of CETS and the membership have indicated that they would like him to continue in this position post-BREXIT.

5. Our awards evening was a great success and both our President, Lord Whitby and the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester were in attendance. The event was held at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel in Manchester. Preparations are now underway for the 2020 event which is likely to return to the Birmingham area.

6. We supported the Surface World Exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham and provided a series of speakers for one of the lecture theatres. Unfortunately, the attendance at the event was very poor and we will be concentrating our efforts at the Advanced Engineering Exhibition in the future.

7. The SEA is involved in a Horizon 2020 funded EU project called PROCETS – Protective composite Coatings via Electrodeposition and Thermal Spraying. It is now in its final year and is investigating possible environmentally friendly alternative coatings that do not use chromium trioxide. There are 16 project partners including a number of Universities, R&D establishments, industrial partners and Trade Associations. Our role will encompass the development of standards and dissemination.

8. We have been working closely with organisations in our sector to develop a surface engineering / materials processing apprenticeship scheme and career development programmes through to Masters Level with Cranfield University. As part of these developments, our CEO has been appointed the Chairman of SELF – Surface Engineering Leadership Forum.

9. The SEA continues to operate in a financially sound manner and has developed sufficient reserves to continue to develop over the coming years. We operate as a not-for-profit organisation with any surpluses being retained for the future development of the sector.

10. The SEA now has wide-ranging representation on many committees / organisations engaged in / with the surface engineering sector at a regional, national and European level including;

a. Government / Industry IPPC Sounding Board
b. Government / Industry LA-IPPC Sounding Board
c. European Commission Technical Working Group – STM BREF
d. Environmental Permitting Programme Stakeholder Committee
e. Surface Engineering Board of the Institute of Material, Minerals & Mining
f. European Committee for Surface Engineering (CETS)
g. BSI Committee STI/33 Electrodeposited and other coatings
h. Nickel REACH Consortium
i. Nickel Institute / CETS Nickel Working Group
j. BEIS Focus Groups regarding climate change agreements & energy policy
k. Cross-sector REACH group

11. The high profile that the SEA now enjoys means that we were involved with numerous consultations during the year from the Environment Agency, HSE, DEFRA, BEIS, and many European regulatory bodies.

12. The SEA has been working closely with other organisations and hosted a meeting of the British Coatings Federation Aerospace & Defence Committee and the Institution of Engineering Technology at one of our members’ sites.

13. We supported the Advanced Engineering Show at the National Exhibition Centre and thought that it was once again an excellent event. We hosted the Surface Engineering Hub and will be developing this for next year. We have already booked a large section of the show floor for 2019.

14. We co-hosted the Metals Sector Conference with the Environment Agency and Non-ferrous Alliance on 29th November 2018 in Birmingham. We provided 3 speakers for the event and around 30 of our members attended along with 35 EA inspectors and officials.