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Hints & Tips On Entry

  ·     Don’t rush!  Allow yourself plenty of time to consider and develop your entry.

·      You have to be in it to win it!  The Surface Engineering Awards are a great way to raise your organisations profile.


·      Numbers! Use actual and clear figures in your entry plus indexes (e.g. percentage changes) to depict accurate representation of your achievements.


·      Logical format!  Present your application in a logical format; include an introduction with some background information.  Thereafter, include your main submission statement supported with plenty of evidence including results, statistics, finances and feedback, and finally end your entry with a concise conclusion/summary.


·      Word count!  Use the word count function in Microsoft word.  Entries exceeding the word limit given in the criteria will be disqualified.


·       Read it!  Make sure that you read the Awards criteria and Guidance notes carefully.


·       Boast!  Take pride in the achievements your organisation has made – it will show in your submission.


·       Who?  Consider who will be reading your entry – our panel is made up of representatives from all different sectors.  Avoid technical jargon specific to your sector if it is not needed.  Our judges may not be familiar with your industry terminology, so please include any relevant background information.


·       Stand out!  Our judging panel have a large number of entries to read so make sure yours stands out from the crowd.


·       Easy to read!  Please ensure your entry is easy to read with clearly spaced paragraphs and a clear font.


·       Back it up!  Provide solid evidence for any specific claims or statistics you make in your entry.


·       Pay up!  The rules of the competition state that you must be a current paid up member of the Surface Engineering Association, so make sure your subscription is paid in order to be eligible for entry.


·       Spell check!  Need we say more?


·       Second opinion!  Ask someone outside of your business to proof read your entry – this will make sure that it makes sense.



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