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Importance of Membership

Being a member of a strong Trade Association has never been more important!

Since Brexit was triggered, businesses in the UK have been dealing with a lot of uncertainty as to what happens when the break is made from the European Union.

This is especially true of the surface engineering and finishing industry. As the majority of legislation surrounding the practices and operation of companies working in the industry is currently created and implemented by the EU, Brexit could prompt a lot of change for the industry.

Keeping members up to date with important legislative changes

So that companies are still able to trade and work within the EU, it is unlikely that many of the current legislation surrounding the use of certain chemicals, and their effects on health & safety and the environment will change dramatically overnight. However, there will be a chance for the SEA and its members to lobby to the Government to lift restrictions and make it easier for surface engineering and finishing processes to be carried out.

During this time, it is even more important to be a member of a strong trade association that looks after the interests of the industry it represents and its members, and keeps them up to date with any issues that could affect them.

Ensuring the industry’s voice is heard during a significant period of change

The SEA works with the bodies and committees that draw up and implement legislation that affects the industry, making sure that any new regulations do not adversely affect the way surface engineering is carried out. We are here to support our members and keep them informed of any changes or issues that arise.

The SEA and the companies working in the industry need to therefore work as a collective to ensure that the industry is not overlooked during this period of uncertainty. By working together, we can help establish a strong industry going forward into this new era.

More information regarding membership of the SEA can be found by clicking here. If you would like to talk to one of our team about how Brexit may affect your business, or anything else, please call us on 0121 237 1123 or email us at

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