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2016 PFOS notifications

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28 July 2016

Notifications are needed for stockpiles of materials that consist of or contain PFOS, exceed 50kg and are held for an exempt purpose. The 50kg threshold is for materials that consist or contain PFOS, not just for the PFOS itself. So for Cr-VI platers, this 50kg includes the diluted contents of plating baths, and any unused product in their chemical stores.

 Notifications for PFOS for 2016 are due by the end of August 

The form and guidance are the same as previous years - please see attached document. This is also available on the GOV.UK website:
The form is optional to help companies supply the necessary information and there is no charge to supply the information. Paperwork can be sent to:
Use as a wetting agent 
Please note that the specific derogation to use PFOS as a wetting agent for use in controlled electroplating systems expired on 26 August 2015. This means that PFOS is no longer allowed to be used for this use. 
Use of PFOS as a mist suppressant for non-decorative hard chromium (VI) plating in closed loop systems is still allowed.


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