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Consultation: TOP 10 most burdensome legislative acts for SMEs

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17 October 2012

Excellent opportunity to have your say

Dear Stakeholders,

Mr Pellegrini has requested that I inform you of this new Consultation published by the EU Commission ( and he hopes that industry will participate.

The Commission launched on 1 October 2012 a public consultation to identify the TOP 10 most burdensome legislative acts for SMEs. This exercise is not limited to DG ENTR legislation. The consultation is available in 21 languages and it targets individual Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and the organisations representing their interests. It will stay open until 21 December 2012.

This exercise is being carried out by the EU Commission and was announced in the Report on "Minimizing regulatory burden for SMEs - Adapting EU regulation to the needs of micro-enterprises" (COM (2011) 803 final) link [] . The results of the consultation will be used to make focused and tailor-made revisions of legislative acts identified as the most burdensome for SMEs as set out in the November report.

The content of the questionnaire has been developed in cooperation with SECGEN. It reflects:

- inputs collected by SECGEN during conferences organised in some Member States on this topic (first half of 2012);

- inputs collected through the SME Panel consultation (second quarter of 2012) on the same topic;

- inputs collected through the Europe Enterprise Network in the so-called SME Feedback database.

I believe that you would like to take this opportunity to express your views and your experience concerning the effect of EU legislation on your company. Please could you disseminate the information on this consultation to your stakeholders.

Best regards,

Elizabeth CATZEL
Assistant Policy Officer
European Commission
ENTR/F/3 Raw Materials, Metals, Minerals and Forest-based Industries
Brey 11/162
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
+32 2 295 10 01



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