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Environment Agency launches corporate plan

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Environment Agency launches corporate plan

2 June 2014

The Environment Agency launched their corporate plan ‘Creating a better place 2014 to 2016’ on 28th April. The plan reflects the many changes and challenges thye have faced since 2011 when we published our corporate plan for the period 2011 to 2015.

The new Corporate Plan sets out the EA’s priorities, resources and the measures they will use to manage and report on their performance for the next two years. They have structured the plan around the three main business areas; Water, Land and Biodiversity, Regulated Industry, and FCRM (flood and coastal erosion risk management).

Their work will be based on the following priority areas:

·         a changing climate

·         increasing the resilience of people, property and businesses to the risks of flooding and coastal erosion

·         protecting and improving water, land and biodiversity

·         improving the way we work as a regulator to protect people and the environment and support sustainable growth

·         working together and with others to create better places

·         ensuring that we are fit for the future

A lot has changed over the last three years; the Triennial review, the separation of Natural Resources Wales, more extremes in weather with a changing climate and more pressure placed on budgets.  You will see that they have had to prioritise their actions and review what they will deliver over the next two years.

The full corporate plan is available on:

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