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How an 'engaged' employee boosts business

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14 November 2014

'Employee engagement' is a current buzz phrase among HR professionals ...

First of all, it doesn’t mean one who is affianced prior to marriage or someone in the loo or on the other line – the usual definitions in the UK of ‘engaged’. So what is an ‘engaged employee’? To start with a negative: it is not necessarily a cheerful chap whose boss buys him a pint after work on a Friday. The positive is one who is totally committed to the ethos of what the company wants to achieve – go the extra mile, as the expression is in the UK. These people are gold dust. They are the people who will always be positive when asked what they do for a living. Every business would like to reward them over and above a regular salary but we all know that this is not always feasible. Is the assumption that employee benefits are solely for big corporates correct? This need not be the case. The SEA has partnered with ACE to provide members with a range of ‘voluntary staff benefits’. These are benefits employees can or cannot take with any costs incurred paid by the employee. The first of these is a web platform SEA Savers where employees can find discounts and money back offers on almost everything from groceries to leisure events and big ticket items such as furniture. The second is a range of insurance products from ACE that are only available through the workplace and not to the general public. Following our recent SEA Awards sponsorship, which was so well received, we will take the liberty of contacting SEA members to introduce this beneficial package. 

Lee Lomas

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