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HSE's 1st Surface Engineering eBulletin

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24 August 2015

The Health & Safety Executive have published their 1st Surface Engineering eBulletin

 News from HSE


Risk of Occupational Asthma from Electroplating

Occupational asthma is an allergic reaction that can occur in some people when they are exposed to certain substances. In electroplating and similar processes these can include hexavalent chromium and nickel compounds. Further details may be seen on HSE's website


Exposure to carcinogens in surface engineering: Supplementary report RR1042

This report details work undertaken following HSE research published as RR963 Exposure to hexavalent chromium, nickel and cadmium compounds in the electroplating industry The supplementary report examines the efficacy of gloves, the use of surfactants and local exhaust ventilation in chromium plating, and the potential for transfer of contaminants outside the workplace. The full report can be seen at RR1042 Exposure to carcinogens in surface engineering: Supplementary report 


HSE and Surface Engineering Association Joint Publications

HSE and the Surface Engineering Association have produced five guidance sheets on health issues in Electroplating. Two of the sheets cover nickel exposure risks and three cover exposures to hexavalent chromium. These guidance sheets may be downloaded from HSE's website 


 New telephone number for reporting RIDDORs

HSE has introduced an alternative 0345 phone number to report fatal and specified injuries, helping to cut the cost of telephone calls for the public. The new number for the RIDDOR Incident Contact Centre is 0345 300 9923

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