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In August last year, perfluorooctane sulfonic acid and its derivatives (PFOS) became regulated across Europe under the Persistent Organic Pollutant Regulation 850/2004 (as amended). The regulation prohibits the production, supply and use of PFOS with a few limited exceptions; the law also controls the way materials that contain PFOS must be managed and disposed of.

Exemptions: PFOS wetting agents and mist suppressants

Exemptions from the prohibition on production, supply and use of PFOS include wetting agents in controlled electroplating systems; and mist suppressants for non decorative hard chromium plating. However, these applications are not exempt from other requirements of the Regulations. Please see the attached briefing note for details.

Download the briefing   PFOS Briefing for exempt uses

Further information

Further information about PFOS (including access to a list of the 165 derivative substances) is available on the EA web site:


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