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Biological Monitoring

Biological Monitoring in the Surface Engineering Industry

Recent research undertaken by HSE/HSL has demonstrated the usefulness of urine monitoring when assessing exposures to chromium and nickel in the surface engineering industry.  The research showed that with good control in the workplace that it is possible to achieve lower exposures in workers.  This research could not have been undertaken without the participation of the SEA and its members. 

HSL offers an analytical service for a wide range of workplace exposures.  Urinary chromium and nickel are two of the most requested analyses.  It is good practice to undertake regular biological monitoring sampling for workers exposed to chromium or nickel, such as in the surface engineering industry (see HSE guidance below).  There is also a UK guidance value for chromium in urine, which provides a benchmark for good practice.


HSL offers a comprehensive biological monitoring service.  HSL will help you interpret sample results and can offer advice if action is indicated.  It is possible to analyse chromium and nickel in the same urine sample.  In appreciation of the involvement of SEA in the HSE research, HSL are able to offer combined chromium and nickel analysis as a two analytes for the price of one offer.  To take advantage of this offer, please send an email request for the relevant number of sampling kits to (please put “SEA nickel chromium offer” in the subject title).  

HSE guidance – Chromium and you  

HSE guidance – Nickel and you 

HSL/SEA research report


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