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Hexavalent Chrome

Monitoring for electrolytic chromium processes has been legally required for over 30 years. Initially, this required a test every 14 days of the efficiency of the control measures,carried out by a responsible person appointed by the factory occupier. Most companies chose to sample the air above the plating tank for chromic acid. Monitoring using air sampling became legally established when the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 1984 replaced the Chromium Plating Regulations.

The SEA, in association with the Health & Safety Executive, have published 3 guidance documents which, if followed correctly, will enable you to comply with the law and ensure that the health of your employees is protected.

The three guidance documents are:

1 -    Hexavalent chromium in electroplating: Monitoring for exposure

2 -    Hexavalent chromium in electroplating: Prevention and control of chromic acid mist

3 -    Hexavalent chromium in electroplating: Prevention and control of skin exposure risks


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