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Use of work place carcinogens

Workplace Carcinogens

Ill-health caused by substances, including chemicals and dusts, such as cancer from exposure to asbestos, does not occur immediately after the exposure. There can be a considerable time (usually more than 10 years) between exposure to a chemical and the onset of any ill-health symptoms.

In many instances, employers and employees are not aware that the materials that they work with are in fact causing them harm.

The Health & Safety Executive's Disease Reduction Programme Cancer Project is divided into two parts: cancer caused by exposure to asbestos and cancer caused by exposure to other chemical carcinogens.

As a number of known carcinogens are used in surface engineering processes, you must ensure that you following the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations. Full details can be found on the HSE website as follows:


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