SEA Achievements 2019

(In no particular order)

1. SEA was instrumental in the formation of SELF – Surface Engineering Leadership Forum, which was officially launched at the House  of Lords, hosted by our President Lord Whitby. SELF aims to ensure that we develop the next generation of surface engineers and that the UK retains a vibrant surface engineering community.

2. Lord Whitby, our President, arranged a meeting at BEIS – Department for Business, Energy, Innovation and Skills in order to discuss potential exemption from some of the energy taxes for our sector. Our sector is energy intensive and these taxes are damaging productivity.

3. Our UK Lobbying activities continued with further meetings held with DEFRA, BEIS, HSE and Environment Agency.

4. The SEA continues to take a lead role within the CETS organisation which has now become recognised by the European Commission as the lead European body for our sector. Meetings were held in Vienna, hosted by the Austrian Association AOT and a board meeting was held in Munich, Germany. Our CEO is currently President of CETS until April 2021 when he will step down after holding the position for the maximum 9 years.

5. Our industry conference was a great success with a wide range of topics being discussed. The event was held at Chesford Grange Hotel in Kenilworth. Preparations are now underway for the 2021 event.

6. We have been working closely with organisations in our sector to develop a surface engineering / materials processing apprenticeship scheme and career development programmes through to Masters Level with Cranfield University. This level 7 course is now available, and we will soon have a full apprenticeship scheme in operation.

7. The SEA continues to operate in a financially sound manner and has developed sufficient reserves to continue to develop over the coming years. We operate as a not-for-profit organisation with any surpluses being retained for the future development of the sector.

8. The high profile that the SEA now enjoys means that we were involved with numerous consultations during the year from the Environment Agency, HSE, DEFRA, BEIS, and many European regulatory bodies.

9. We were fortunate to receive some funding from the Business Readiness Fund which enabled us to produced a BREASE (BREXIT, REACH & Surface Engineering) guidance document, have a specific BREASE pod at the Advanced Engineering Show, have a specific BREASE session at our Industry Conference and set up a BREASE specific web presence and email

10. The SEA now has wide-ranging representation on many committees / organisations engaged in / with the surface engineering sector at a regional, national and European level including;

a. European Commission Technical Working Group – STM BREF
b. Environmental Permitting Programme Stakeholder Committee
c. Surface Engineering Board of the Institute of Material, Minerals & Mining
d. European Committee for Surface Engineering (CETS)
e. BSI Committee STI/33 Electrodeposited and other coatings
f. Nickel REACH Consortium
g. Nickel Institute / CETS Nickel Working Group
h. BEIS Focus Groups regarding climate change agreements & energy policy
i. Cross-sector REACH group
j. Silver REACH Consortium
k. SELF – Surface Engineering Leadership Forum

11. We supported the Advanced Engineering Show at the National Exhibition Centre and took a SEA pavilion stand (120m2) which was then divided into a number of pods that members could exhibit from. The SEA provided central administration and catering for the stand and the show was such a great success that we have booked the stand again for 2020.

12. We attended the transforming the foundation industries funding event organised by Innovate UK to examine if there were any funding operations to help our sector make the most of the digital transformation.

13. We supported the CHEMUK Show at the YEC Harrogate. We are developing a relationship with this new show and have stepped up our involvement for 2020, by taking a stand at the show.