Dissecting Surface Finishing Legislation

For those running businesses, it’s not just the day to day running of the operation that concerns them, but also the many laws and regulations that need to be complied with. Whether dealing with taxes or employment issues, there is always something new to digest.

For those in the surface engineering and finishing industry however, there is the added requirement that comes from the raft of legislation relating to health and safety, as well as environmental protection.

So how can you get to the bottom of this surface finishing legislation, how do you know if it applies to your business and if so, how do you comply?

To help companies working in this field, the Surface Engineering Association (SEA) is committed to making sure its members are kept fully informed about any surface finishing legislation, as well as any other regulations and directives that may have an impact on the industry.

There are many committees in both the UK and Europe that work on creating new legislation and regulations, as well as updating existing ones to incorporate new practices, processes and technologies. The SEA represents the surface finishing industry on most of these committees, making sure that their issues are raised and heard.

The SEA also ensures that its members are updated constantly with any issue that will impact on their ability to carry out their operations, and will issue expert guidance helping them dissect the legislation. They also have a free helpline where members can get advice on how to comply or whether they are affected.

If you would like to find out more about the legislation that governs the surface finishing industry or about becoming a member of the SEA, please browse the website. However, if you would like to discuss the above or anything else concerning surface finishing, please give us a ring on 0121 237 1123 or email us at info@sea.org.uk.