The surface finishing industry and the trade association that supports it

A strong trade association is incredibly important for any industry, and this is especially true for the surface finishing industry. With the enormous amount of legislation and regulations that cover many aspects of the industry, it is important to keep up to date and know what’s going to impact on your business. The Surface Engineering Association (SEA) is a powerful voice for those working in surface finishing, and it pays to be a member.

So why should someone in the surface finishing industry be a member of a trade association? Here are just a few reasons:

1. Representation where it matters

Whether in the UK or in Europe, there are many legislative committees which pass down the latest laws and regulations which have a significant impact on the day to day activities of companies carrying out surface finishing processes. To make sure the industry’s interests are looked after, it is important to have representation on these committees. This is where the trade association comes into its own.

2. Keeping up to date with the key issues

When changes are made, it is important that members are kept informed at all times and given advice on how to make sure that all requirements are complied with. This can be done through a number of forums including regular and varied publications which provide the latest information and guidance.

It is important to provide networking events where fellow finishers have a chance to discuss the current issues with each other, as well as providing conferences, seminars and meetings where the latest topics of interest are discussed.

3. Answers for all your questions

Companies do not always have the necessary resources to keep on top of everything they need to know about running their business in a highly regulated industry. Therefore, providing support and advice on a number of subjects is essential. From technical and commercial advice to free advice on tax, VAT and employee issues can be extremely useful.

The SEA provides these, and many other tangible benefits, to their members. If you have an interest in the surface finishing industry, take a look around our website where you will see everything that the SEA has to offer its members.

If you would like to discuss membership or any issues affecting the industry, please telephone us on 0121 237 1123 or email us at