The REACH Cross Sector Group

The REACH Cross Sector Group – who they are and what they do.


As anyone working in the surface engineering sector knows, the REACH Directive has been at the top of the agenda for quite some time. Impacting on our sector and many others, the Directive sets out to restrict the use of a number of chemicals which will, in turn, affect the way many businesses are able to carry out their day to day operations.

The SEA has been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that its members’ interests are heard in relation to this piece of legislation. However, it was recognised in 2011 that to be able to make a real impact, likeminded organisations needed to join together.

The REACH Cross Sector Group was set up to do just this. It is an informal group of trade associations, professional institutes and businesses that represents downstream users of chemicals. Comprising of over 50 members, the Group is formed of material manufacturers; paint, coating and surface treatments companies; and complex article manufacturers and retailers.

The group’s main challenge has been to shift focus of the impact of REACH from the manufacturers of chemicals to that of the downstream user. Since its formation, the REACH Cross Sector Group has been able to raise awareness of the various challenges and restrictions placed on the many businesses represented by the group, and others within the sector.

Successful lobbying to the UK Government led to the various issues surrounding the simplification of the authorisation process for the repair of components containing substances of very high concern being brought to the notice of the European Commission.

They are committed to continue to lobby both the UK and EU Governments, and to work with downstream users to ensure that they are not overlooked. Following the decision of the UK to leave the European Union, the Group has prepared a position agreed by all parties on the way forward for chemical legislation post-Brexit.

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