How the Surface Engineering Association works hard for its members

The Surface Engineering Association plays a pivotal role in the surface engineering and finishing industry. Anyone working in the industry will reap a number of great benefits by being a member of the Association.

Although the benefits are many, we list below a few good reasons why it pays to join us.

Representing your interests where legislation is made

For companies working in the surface engineering and finishing industry there is a raft of legislation, regulations and guidelines that govern our everyday activities. We work hard behind the scenes representing the industry on the committees that set these rules. We also make sure that our members understand how these rules affect their business and how they can best comply with them.

Keeping you informed every step of the way

Whether it is keeping you up to date with the latest legislation and how it affects the industry and your businesses, or producing regular communications covering everything from business trends to industry and environmental updates, we make sure that our members are always well informed.

Our publications include:

· Quarterly Newsletter which is packed with useful information targeted at the surface engineering industry.

· Environmental Watchword magazine giving you updates on the latest environmental legislation.

· Business Bulletins covering issues that may affect and impact on your business

Helping you comply with Health & Safety requirements

As this is such a complicated and onerous issue that every one of us has to comply with, we will provide our members with professional help if, as is often the case, it is needed.

As a member of the Surface Engineering Association, you will be able to access these and many more great benefits such as free helplines to help you with any employment or tax issues you may have, as well as free commercial and technical help.

You will also reap the rewards of many partnership deals we offer, including specialist commercial insurance, attractive discounts on car hire, hotels and healthcare, and substantial reductions on the cost of BSi Standards and literature.

To read more about these benefits and much more, please browse our website.