How the SEA influences the issues that affects the surface finishing industry

It seems like there is always some new piece of legislation or new guidelines that companies across the whole of the surface finishing sector have to comply with. But when these pieces of legislation are drawn up, who is there to fight your corner? Who does their very best to ensure that restrictions on the use of certain chemicals will not affect the way that you carry out your surface finishing operations?

This is where the SEA comes in. As a member of the SEA, you will reap a number of great benefits, but maybe one of the most important is the work that they do on your behalf in the corridors of government.

There are many pieces of environmental and health & safety legislation and regulations that affect our industry. The main ones, although there are many more, are:

· REACH (Registration, Evaluations, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)

· COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards)

· EPR (Environmental Permitting Regulations)

· COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

· IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)

· RoHS (Restriction of Harmful Substances)

· Water Framework Directive

We have ensured that we have representation on many of the committees and working parties where the various pieces of legislation, standards and codes of practice are developed or updated. We make sure that the industry’s voice is heard and that it is not overlooked.

In addition to this representation, we also make sure that our members are kept informed of any changes or developments regarding these matters.

Wading through this raft of legislation and completely digesting and understanding its affects is difficult for anyone who is also trying to run a business in the surface finishing industry. That’s why we are always on hand to help you should you have any questions. We can show you the way to comply and help you at any time.

More information about the legislation the surface industry faces, together with details on the benefits of SEA membership can be found on our website.