Five reasons why you should be a member of our Trade Association

Since the 16th Century Trade Associations have – in one guise or another – represented their members at all levels of business.  From the earliest Guilds that protected the interests of merchants and artisans, to modern-day Trade Associations which not only protect members’ interests but also sets standards and codes of practice their relevant industry works to, these organisations play a pivotal role.

If you are already involved in surface finishing and engineering, you will know that there are a lot of regulations and legislation surrounding the activities of businesses working in this industry.  The Surface Engineering Association (SEA), works hard for its members, making sure that their interests are continually looked after.  There are many benefits of being a member of the SEA, including:

  1. The SEA has representation on the various governmental committees, both in the UK and the EU, where legislation affecting the industry is developed.  We make sure that our members’ voices are heard at these committees.
  2. Keeping members informed.  We will ensure that our members are always among the first to know about any changes to legislation that will affect the industry.  We will offer help and guidance to members on what they will need to do to comply with these changes.
  3. Face-to-face interaction with your peers.  We run a number of meetings and conferences throughout the year to allow members to meet so that they are able to discuss the latest issues and any points of contention.  Our conferences are also a chance to attend seminars to hear about the latest developments and industry news, as well as being able to ask questions about current regulations and legislation.
  4. Free technical and commercial advice.  Whatever questions you have about the surface engineering industry, we are always on hand to help.  If we can’t help directly, we will find someone who can.
  5. Quarterly publications featuring articles about the latest industry issues, as well as statistical information.

These are just some of the benefits you will receive when you become a member of the SEA.  You can find much more information about becoming a member of the SEA on our website, or email us at for a fast response.