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CETS, the European Committee for Surface Treatment, is an international federation of national associations engaged in the supply of technology, chemicals, and paint products to the surface treatment industry. Its purpose is to provide a scientific and engineering voice at the European Union on proposals for environmental, health and safety legislation.

CETS promotes the surface treatment industry on a European scale by actively looking for more opportunities to arouse interest in the Surface Treatment Engineering industry. Furthermore, they engage themselves as an intermediary between Europe and SME’s so all three parties are well informed and always communicating correctly.

CETS protects the interests of the industry, to make sure we are in a safe and secure trade environment that trust the authorities to make good long-term decisions. CETS is a European stakeholder for ECHA and other legislative authorities. Lastly, they represent SME’s on a European level through their national members.
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CETS – Comité Européen des Traitements de SurfacesEuropean Committee for Surface Treatment