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Keeping members up to date with the latest Standards & Guidance

Almost every part of a business involved in the surface engineering and finishing industry is governed by various legislation, Standards and Guidance either laid down by the European Parliament, the UK Government, British Standards Institute (BSI), or the industry itself.

From Health & Safety regulations to Guidance on the way certain processes are carried out, and even general employment law, it’s impossible to have a day go by when one or more doesn’t affect the way our members run their businesses.

The SEA understands that it is not always easy to keep up to date with every amendment to current Standards & Guidance whilst dealing with the day to day operation of a business. This is why we are committed to helping our members keep up to date.

Helping you understand and comply with the latest Standards & Guidance

Depending on your processes and the industries your products serve, it’s possible that there could be as many as 30 or 40 separate British Standards/European Norms that you may need to comply with. The SEA can help you understand the requirements set out in these Standards, as well as help you achieve and meet the accreditation criteria if required.

With this number of Standards covering the industry’s various processes, it is impossible to keep abreast of every single update, let alone dealing with new Standards that require accreditation or compliance. Being a member of the SEA, you don’t need to let this worry you, as we will ensure that our members are always kept informed on current issues.

Members can access information on the latest updates by clicking the links below:

• British Standard Update – January to March 2016

• British Standard Update – April to June 2016

Standards & Guidance one of the many benefits of SEA membership

Information, updates, and advice on Standards & Guidance are just one of the many great benefits of being a member of the SEA. Benefits include keeping up to date with the latest legislation, technical and commercial advice, a free business support helpline, free quarterly publications, bespoke commercial insurance, and regular industry meetings, conferences, and seminars to keep you informed of industry news.

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