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B E P Surface Technologies Limited
Address: Eton Hill Road, Radcliffe, Manchester, Greater Manchester
M26 2XT
Website Address: www.bep-st.com
Business Contact Email: info@bep-st.com
Phone Number: 0161 724 9090
Fax: 0161 725 9539
Business Description:

BEP Surface Technologies possess engineering skills, experience, manufacturing plant and environmentally accredited processes that enable us to create and deliver truly unique engineering products and services that will exceed your expectations.

Phoenix Electroplating Ltd
Address: Milltown Street, Radcliffe, Manchester, Greater Manchester
M26 1WN
Main Services Category:
Website Address: www.electroplating.co.uk
Business Contact Email: mike@electroplating.co.uk
Phone Number: 0161 725 9479
Fax: 0161 725 9714
Business Description:

Phoenix Electroplating Ltd are specialists in Chrome & Nickel Plating of Engraved & Embossed Cylinders, where precise control of the plating thickness and quality is critical. And the deposition of electrolytic nickel on rolls prior to ceramic coating. We also specialise in rollers, cylinders and shafts for all types of manufacturing applications and also refurbishment of worn parts. Typically, rollers are used in the paper &plastics industries and hydraulic rams in many types of equipment and mobile machinery. Refurbishment is often much more cost effective than replacement and worn rollers, shafts and rams can be returned to useful service.