Vacuum Deposition

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Aalberts Surface Treatment Limited
Clover Street, Kirkby-In-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
NG17 7LJ
01623 753 107
01623 754 538

Acorn has been a leading name in the provision of surface coating technology on precision engineered components for over 40 years. Acorn Surface Technology offer a range of high specification engineering finishes including Hard and Chromic Anodising and selective components. In addition, the company has one of the largest vacuum coating facillities in Europe, providing Ion Vapour Depositing Aluminium Coatings or aerospace and OEM applications. Electroless Nickel plated finishes are also available for the electronic and telecommunications industries and a wide range of engineering applications. Acorns are committed to :- First class quality; Speed of turnaround; Accuracy of delivery promises; Continuous improvements in service levels

Rimex Metals (UK) Ltd
Aden Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex
0208 804 0633
0208 443 8235

The Rimex Metals Group is a global manufacturer of specialised metal finishes and is internationally recognised as a leader its field of expertise. The group was incorporated in 1959 and operates subsidiaries in Australia, Germany, UK and the US and is supported by its global network of distributors and representatives.