10 Good Reasons to Join the SEA

1. Making a difference

The Surface Engineering Association is here for one reason: the advancement of the surface engineering industry and the support of its members. Membership represents all sectors of industry from suppliers through to coating applicators and heat treaters.

2. Expand your professional network

Surface Engineering Association meetings, conferences and seminars give you a chance to meet your fellow finishers, chemical suppliers and plant & equipment companies both face to face and online and to discuss opportunities for growth and collaboration for mutual advancement.

3. Exclusive Benefits for Members Only

Free technical and commercial advice – Helping our members to find practical solutions to technical problems, quality issues, and commercial challenges. With over 250 members there is a wealth of knowledge and experience at hand to tap into.

Free Business Support Helpline – Our members benefit from free telephone advice on how to manage tax laws, solve complex VAT issues, ensure changes to PAYE laws are known and HR/employment law issues are navigated without risk.

SEA Member Insurance Benefits – Exclusive insurance and risk management products are offered at favourable rates, exclusively for members only.

Free Industry Sector Terms & Condition Development – Member only access to industry sector recognised standard terms and conditions to help you to protect your business.

Attractive Discounts for Members Only – Discounts are made available to every member on sign up, and include a variety of valuable services including discounted car hire, hotel rooms and exclusive deals on private healthcare.

Free Printed Surface Engineering Publication, our ‘Surface Matters’ Delivered to you by post every quarter. Want to know what’s going on? Who the movers and shakers are? Who’s invested in the latest equipment or landed the biggest deals? Then you will want to get your hands on – Surface Matters – a quarterly publication packed with useful information specifically for Surface Engineering Association Members.

4. Stay in the know

The SEA has top-level representation on many UK and EU committees where legislation / standards and codes of practice are developed. We advise our members of the latest and forthcoming legislation / regulations that will impact on their businesses, so they have a head start and an unfair advantage over the rest of the community.

5. Inside Assistance with Certification & Standards

Quality and environmental standards are continually changing, and our members are given help and assistance to navigate red tape and bureaucracy. Our members love the fact they aren’t alone because they have the expert advice and support on how the standards should be interpreted. The Surface Engineering Association keeps its members informed and assists them in driving out uncertainty and meeting those requirements without fuss.

6. Sector Specific Business Bulletins and Statistics

The Surface Engineering Association publishes regular Business Bulletins concerning issues affecting the industry sector. The SEA also produces valuable industry wide statistical information and this service is only available to members.

7. Unique Marketing Opportunities for all Members

All members receive free entry into the SEA Buyers’ Guide App, which is promoted throughout the engineering industry. This online ‘supplier finder’ tool matches buyers of surface engineering services to member services. It’s the perfect match-making service and is a clear route for buyers, designers and specifiers for industry specialists who can satisfy their surface engineering needs. All members also receive a free listing on the SEA website with links to their own website where applicable.

8. Climate Change: practical help and assistance to reduce your carbon footprint

Climate Change: practical help and assistance to reduce your carbon footprint. The SEA is liaising with the UK Government to ensure the requirements on Surface Engineering Businesses to become carbon neutral are sensible and measured. We are helping our members to reduce waste, reduce carbon and to transfer best practices across the industry.

9. A Powerful Marketing Tool to Position you in an Elite Group

Membership of the SEA will give your prospective customers additional confidence in dealing with a company that is prepared to abide by a code of conduct. This Code of Best Practice for the Surface Finishing Industry 2001 was developed by the SEA in consultation with the Environment Agency and Health & Safety Executive.

10. Be a Part of Something Special. A Unique Club of Like-Minded Business Owners

Running a profitable, compliant business in the surface engineering sector is challenging. At times it feels like the playing field is far from level, particularly when competing with overseas competitors. If you join us, we will have your back and you will have the peace of mind that the Surface Engineering Association is working for you and the advancement of your industry. You will feel like you belong, and we will look after your best interests organise some amazing events, and opportunities to make new friends.

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