– providing valuable advice and guidance for 45 years

Formed in 1973 in Birmingham, the principle role of the Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre (WHTC) is to provide impartial information, advice and education in relation to the processing aspects of metal heat treatment. Operating within the Surface Engineering Association (SEA), we are primarily staffed by a metallurgist who has extensive first-hand practical experience of industrial heat treatment operations.

With this wealth of knowledge and expertise, together with an extensive library of information on all aspects of heat treatment from sources across the world, the WHTC is able to provide comprehensive and valuable guidance on questions relating to the sector.  Technical and trade literature is constantly monitored, abstracted and indexed on computerised systems to enable rapid retrieval of the data needed to deal with any query.

Helping the advancement of the heat treatment industry

The WHTC is dedicated to the advancement of the industry, as well as safeguarding it for the future.  By working closely with the SEA we are able to bring together a vast amount of knowledge, membership, resources, technical and industrial expertise to the benefit of the surface engineering, finishing and heat treatment sector as a whole.

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We are able to provide impartial, comprehensive advice on a range of enquiries, which include, but are not restricted to:

  • Real-time advice on production problems relating to process or material performance;
  • Detailed literature searches on particular aspects of processing;
  • Identification of standard, non-standard and proprietary materials, with details of their heat treatment and properties;
  • Location of suppliers of furnaces, equipment, materials and services, using specially-compiled databases.

Discover the benefits of WHTC subscription today

There are a number of benefits to subscribe to the WHTC, some of which are:

  • Short-term enquires;
  • Use of consultancy/investigation service at discount rates;
  • Participation in courses & conferences at discount rates;
  • Free participation in the Centre’s FAST database of contract heat treatment facilities.

For more information about subscription to the WHTC, or if you would like any information on heat treatment, please contact us on 0121 237 1122, or complete our online contact form and we will get back to you.